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Economic Spinoffs
Retombées économiques
Retombées économiques
Retombées économiques
Retombées économiques
Retombées économiques
Retombées économiques
Development of the Cartier Wind Energy wind parks amounts to a private investment of over $1.1B, including more than $600M that will directly benefit the Gaspésie region. Cartier Wind Energy is stimulating the regional economy by using local suppliers to perform the work. For example, the towers, nacelles and rotor blades are manufactured at the Marmen and LM Glassfiber plants located in Matane and Gaspé respectively. Cartier Wind Energy is also encouraging hiring of local skilled labour to construct its wind parks.
Once all of the parks are in commission, more than $751,000 in voluntary contributions will be paid to the towns, municipalities and RCMs where we operate. Accordingly, over $17 M will be redistributed to the municipalities during the years of wind park operations. Of this amount, more than $3,5 M will be distributed to non-profit organizations through the Cartier Wind Energy visibility fund.
Cartier Wind Energy will employ over 50 people to operate and maintain its wind parks.


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